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At Bigwiggin Solutions, we possess the power to make your balance
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Why Choose Bigwiggin for Your Financial Needs?

Discover Bigwiggin: Your Ultimate Financial Solution

Our comprehensive suite of services caters to individuals, small and large businesses and organisations. With seasoned professionals by your side, we navigate the complex realm of finance with expertise and finesse. From financial analysis and budgeting to tax planning and compliance, our tailored solutions unlock your financial potential. We invest time to understand your goals, challenges, and aspirations, crafting strategies that align perfectly with your vision.

But we're more than just number-crunchers. At Bigwiggin Solutions, we prioritise building lasting relationships with our clients. We provide personalised attention, surpassing expectations with our dedication and commitment. By staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we deliver exceptional results. Whether you're a startup, an established business, or an individual seeking financial guidance, trust Bigwiggin Solutions to be your reliable partner on the path to financial prosperity.

What Sets Our Staff Apart? Discover the Extraordinary!

Bigwiggin takes pride in our dedicated accounting department, staffed with professionals who specialise in managing all your accounting needs. Their in-depth knowledge and attention to detail ensure accurate financial records, bookkeeping, and financial reporting. experienced staff 5-8 years

  • Highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable (using major accounting softwares and other tools) in finance, accounting, and bookkeeping. They are so very equipped in working on all kinds and varieties of CRMs available in the industry
  • Stay updated with industry best practices, regulations, and the latest technology.
  • We prioritise continuous professional development through regular training.
  • This enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions and expertise to our clients.
  • Our staff is known for their professionalism, attention to detail, and strong work ethic.
  • They understand our clients' unique needs and provide tailored services.
  • With a client-centric approach, we aim to exceed expectations.
  • Choose Bigwiggin for top-quality support and guidance in your financial needs

Payroll (Payroll Executive)

Our payroll executives at Bigwiggin Solutions excel at compiling and verifying employee data, calculating tax deductions, processing accurate payroll, generating reports, maintaining payroll records, and staying up-to-date with payroll trends and technology. With their expertise, rest assured that your employees will be paid accurately and on time.

Accounting (Asst. Accountant)

At Bigwiggin Solutions, our Associate Accountants are highly skilled in maintaining precise financial records, providing support for financial reporting, assisting in budgeting and forecasting, and ensuring adherence to financial regulations. They work collaboratively with finance, operations, and management departments to promote efficient financial management practices.

Bookkeeping (Associate Bookkeeper)

At Bigwiggin Solutions, our bookkeeper specialists are here to support your accounting department by taking on outsourced responsibilities. Our associate bookkeepers excel at assisting with financial analysis, maintaining financial documents, handling payroll processing, and performing essential bookkeeping tasks. You can rely on their expertise and dedication to keep your financial records in order, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Management Accounting

At Bigwiggin, our Accounting Management Associates offer financial insights, compliance support, and data analysis. They identify improvement areas, stay updated on accounting principles and regulations, and safeguard company assets. They monitor costs, identify savings opportunities, and optimise resource allocation strategies.

Payroll (Sr. Payroll Executive)

Our Senior Associate Payroll Executive at Bigwiggin ensures precise and prompt employee payments, handles inquiries, and stays informed about tax and labor regulations. They calculate wages and deductions, generate reports, establish policies, conduct audits, offer payroll operation guidance, and manage EPS and FPS submissions to ensure compliance.

Accounting | (Sr. Accountant)

At Bigwiggin, our Sr. Associate Accountants deliver meticulous financial reporting services to diverse clients and entities. They adhere to internal policies and procedures, ensuring accurate and compliant financial statements that align with esteemed accounting standards, including GAAP ( FRS 102, IFRS and US GAAP).

Bookkeeping (Sr. Bookkeeper)

Our Sr. Bookkeeper is responsible for accurate financial record-keeping and management. They handle accounts, reconcile bank statements, assist with reporting, and ensure regulatory compliance. Their expertise supports financial operations, promoting transparency and accuracy.

At Bigwiggin, our Senior Team Lead plays a crucial role in overseeing a team of skilled accountants and financial professionals. They ensure the accurate and efficient completion of tasks while upholding high accounting standards. The Senior Team Lead also contributes to strategic planning and process improvement, supporting the organisation in achieving financial goals and maintaining compliance.

Accounting managers play a critical role in ensuring accurate reporting, compliance, informed decision-making, and efficient accounting operations. They oversee financial reporting and analysis, budgeting, forecasting, internal controls, audit coordination, general ledger management, tax compliance, team management, process improvement, and financial systems utilisation.

Tax Preparer (Individual)

The Tax Preparer excels in tax return preparation, research on complex tax issues, tax audit assistance, client consultations, tax information review, and prompt response to client inquiries. With their expertise, they consistently ensure accurate tax filings for numerous clients while ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Tax Accountant (Corporation)

Associate Tax Accountants handle tax compliance, planning, financial analysis, documentation, and communication. They prepare and analyse financial statements for tax implications, stay updated on tax laws, support audits, reconcile tax accounts, collaborate with teams, and address industry-specific tax matters.

Tax Accountant

Our Senior Associate Tax Accountant handles tax document preparation and review, provides tax advice to clients, assists in tax provision preparation, supervises teams, and ensures compliance with regulations and ethical standards in tax accounting.

Corporate Tax And Compliances

As a Senior Associate in Corporate Tax and Compliance, we handle tax planning, tax provision preparation, compliance management, communication, collaboration, and continuous learning. Our goal is to optimize the corporate tax position, ensure compliance, and stay updated on tax laws and industry-specific issues.

Personal Tax

Our Senior Associates in Personal Tax are responsible for assisting individuals with their personal tax returns, providing advice on deductions and credits, and maintaining accurate tax records. They also analyse financial information to determine optimal tax strategies for clients.

A Senior Team Lead at Bigwiggin oversees and manages a team of senior professionals, providing guidance, setting goals, and monitoring progress. They address team issues, collaborate with other leaders, and mentor team members. They also contribute to strategic planning and drive the overall team success.

Assistant Managers, Managers, and Senior Managers in tax and compliance play vital roles in meeting tax obligations, minimising risks, and optimising tax strategies for organisations. Their expertise and guidance contribute to the organisation's financial well-being, ensuring compliance with legal frameworks and maximising tax benefits for overall success and stability.

Associate - Audit Executives have diverse responsibilities including assistance in the planning and execution of audits, conduct follow-up procedures, actively participate in audit planning and continuous improvement efforts, and perform essential audit procedures.

A Senior Associate - Audit leads engagements, mentors junior team members, enhances audit methodology, ensures timelines, and addresses issues proactively.

A senior team lead in audit oversees and reviews audit engagements, coaches and mentors team members, manages client relationships, and provides technical expertise.

An Assistant Manager/Manager/Senior Manager in Audit supervises teams, develops audit strategies and plans, provides technical expertise, and ensures compliance and quality control.

Our Associate Virtual Assistant handles daily tasks such as data entry and organization, scheduling and calendar management, managing communications, providing customer support, offering administrative assistance, and supporting project coordination.

An Associate - Data Entry Specialist handles tasks such as data entry and verification, data organization and management, data retrieval and reporting, data cleansing and formatting, and ensuring adherence to data privacy and security standards.

An Associate - Business Development is responsible for prospecting and qualifying leads, developing proposals, conducting market research, managing CRM systems, and continuously improving skills and knowledge.

An Associate - Customer Support addresses concerns, ensures satisfaction, and delivers excellent service. Responsibilities include active listening, resolving complaints, providing explanations, addressing inquiries, and maintaining a positive demeanor.

An Associate - Talent Acquisition is responsible for tasks such as sourcing and attracting candidates, managing applicant tracking, facilitating onboarding and orientation, analyzing recruitment data, and coordinating recruitment processes.

In the role of Associate - Transaction Advisory, responsibilities encompass financial modeling, competitive analysis, and data evaluation to offer strategic recommendations. This position plays a crucial role in assisting clients with financial decisions and contributing to their overall strategic success.

As an Associate - ERP Consultant, responsibilities involve managing and implementing ERP systems for organizations. This includes resource planning, ensuring software efficiency, and maximizing the ERP system's effectiveness to streamline processes, improve productivity, and optimize resource allocation.

As an Associate - Cybersecurity Analyst, responsibilities encompass assessing cybersecurity capabilities, developing strategic plans, responding to incidents, mitigating breaches, providing legal expertise, assessing risks, implementing preventive measures, and advising on best practices for system and data security.

An Associate - IT Administrator is responsible for tasks such as network and system administration, IT asset management, user support and troubleshooting, IT documentation and reporting, backup and recovery, and security and data protection.